Aurora, Colorado, United States
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 ***Some projects require a permit from the City of Aurora.  Approval of your project by the Architectural Control Committee does not mean it has been approved by the City of Aurora.  Check with the City of Aurora (303 739-7347) before beginning any project to see if a permit is required.
Please submit this request form along with a copy of the plan for your proposed exterior home improvement(s) to either:
Pete Caldwell
Darrell Schwartzkopf
Michael Knight
11807 E Atlantic Ave (303) 695-4509
11634 E. Evans Ave
11303 E Warren Ave
Aurora, CO
Aurora, CO
Aurora, CO

Date of Request:_____________________

Owner/occupant’s Name:________________________________________

Address:          ________________________________________________

Phone Number:             __________________

Proposed Start Date:                ___________________________________________________

Proposed Completion Date: _______________________________________________________________________

Description of Improvements:               ___________________________________________________________





Please include the following information with your request (when applicable)

  • Dimensions of improvement proposed
  • Description of materials and color scheme
  • Measurement of improvement(s) in relationship to home and lot line.

(You may submit this information on a separate sheet of paper if needed)

You will receive plan approval/disapproval in the mail within 30 days of receipt of your request.

Examples of projects needing approval:

  1. Exterior painting (include color scheme)
  2. Permanent landscaping projects (new trees, sod, rock, gardens)
  3. Exterior remodeling/construction
  4. Fences (replacing current fences, adding new fences, or enclosing things such as trash cans, boats, or campers).
  5. Adding freestanding structures to your home (sheds, garages, playhouses, workshops, statues, ponds) that are visible from the street.

SIGNATURE OF HOMEOWNER _________________________       DATE_________________

Please send 2 copies to one of the above ACC members