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The Peoria Park Civic Association hosts several events during the year, including a picnic and neighborhood-wide garage sale.  Let us know if you can volunteer to help organize an event or have new ideas!

Free Annual Picnic for residents – Held in Aug. or Sept.  Date to be announced  4:00 – 7:00 pm   THE PEORIA PARK PICNIC – IT’S THE GREATEST  WAY TO MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS  AND DISCOVER THE  SUPER COMMUNITY YOU LIVE IN.  IMG_2241 (2)20170827_165836 (2)   


Neighborhood Garage Sale –  Usually the first weekend of June, Fri and Sat 9:00 am – 4:00 pm   ANNUAL GARAGE SALE BRINGS IN THE MONEY!                  20170609_091858
Chalk it up for another successful win!

Our annual community garage sale is sponsored by the Peoria Park Civic Association with newspaper ads and signs.  Some houses have reported their profits to be as high as $300.00 to $700.00, but most stated the biggest thrill was clearing out needed space with less to dust! It was also a great opportunity for children to learn about business when they set up home made lemonade stands.

Maybe next year we’ll see hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy stands pop up along the streets and our community fun will grow.

Of course, the biggest plus is community involvement and neighbors meeting neighbors.  Many neighbors just strolled along the streets and visited with other neighbors. If you missed out, plan to join in on the fun next year!


During the summer months June to Aug our community hosts the Home of the Week program.  Four to five homes are selected each week for eye appeal and presented with a Home of the Week yard sign to keep for the week.  Residents spend a lot of time creating beautiful yards for the community to enjoy.  Yards are watered and mowed, weeds hunted down and wiped out, landscapes improved and flowers or other colorful appeal is added.

Join us in making the neighborhood beautiful this summer. The more homes we have to recognize the better. 

Josie Home of Week sign (3)