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The building of Peoria Park by Centex Homes originally began on the 11700 block of east Asbury. The very first house built was 11769 E. Asbury Ave. in 1979. Six other homes were added on Asbury Ave., fifteen house on Atlantic Pl., four houses on Atlantic Ave., seven houses on Asbury Pl. and fourteen houses on Oakland St. By the end of 1980, Peoria Park boasted 47 houses. Mortgage rates ranged between 11.78 and 13.15 % in 1980 and continued to rise for 3 years. Three model homes were built in 1982 on E. Atlantic Ave., 11705, 11706, and 11746. The original owner at 11706 still resides there  Original models for PP were viewed at Woodrim Crossings  located at Iliff and Elkhart. In 1983 a ranch style model was added at 11745 E. Atlantic Ave. There are 11 ranch style homes in Peoria Park. A model for 3rd filing was added in 1986 at 11766 E. Atlantic Ave.

Centex Homes initially planned to purchase the land next to Greenbrier Apt. that connected to the homes on Oakland St., but it sold to Winridge, so Centex then purchased the lots along Moline and between Warren and Evans which became 3rd filing. When purchased, 3rd filing contained one previous home which had been built in 1960 at 2100 S. Moline. In 1987, a concrete wall was built between Winridge and homes on Oakland St.

Covenants for PP were established and recorded in 1978.  They were revised and restated in 2003. 

Your board’s greatest accomplishment was the  “The Great Wall” being built in 2010 and OUR community becoming  a  prominent focus point in the areaOur history expands 40 years! We’ve come a long way but we still have history to make!! Let’s continue to pull together and support each other, for our strength, security and growth is reflected in each of our neighbors!

Peoria Park Civic Association enriches the homeowners’ community experience by promoting a strong social connection.